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Not many can encapsulate such an ethereal dynamic sound like Binta can. The 23 year old Gambian artist from London, is looking to blend music from her childhood with the modern music soundscape to create something nostalgic yet entirely new with inspirations 
Binta has been tuned to performing since birth, stating, "I was always singing, ever since I was even able to hum." As a child in England, she extended that natural talent into talent shows, performing and creating choreographed dances. After moving to Gambia, she met her uncle, a prominent reggae/afro-beat artist in the Gambian music scene. Her father and uncle both noticed this talent and decided to teach her some of the basics of songwriting. At a young age,
Binta knew she wanted to start her singing career officially.
When she turned 19 she recorded and released her first EP, "Limbo". Where Binta wears her influences on her sleeve, creating a neo-soul atmosphere. 

The future is bright for Binta; with collaboration with fellow label-mates
In the works, she isn't letting anything hold her back. Her prior experience brought her to this point, and she's ready to use it to show the world what she can do.