By Mind of a Genius

Mindchatter Debut: "Scared to go home"

"Living in a big city might seem appealing to some — the bright lights, the hussle and bustle, and of course the job opportunities — but for those who've lived there for some time, it can be exhausting. New York-based artist and producer Bryce Connolly, aka Mindchatter, seems acutely aware of this and his latest single "Scared To Go Home", which is lifted from his forthcoming album (due later this year), tackles exactly that subject.

His tender vocal delivery and the restrained production style paint a vivid picture of the loneliness that can creep up on you. The brooding synth washes and looming bassline tower ominously like the cold, endless sprawl while his sweetly sung vocals worry with increasing intensity about the toll that heartless city life is taking on him.

Speaking with Complex via email, Connolly explained: "I wrote 'Scared To Go Home' after a night out in NYC. There are times when nightlife feels incredibly depressing and lonely — everyone desperately reaching out for one another, getting way too drunk, trying to make a connection. I wanted to capture that feeling in a song that's just as much a party song as a moment of self-reflection. I felt this was the perfect introduction to my full-length project releasing on Mind Of A Genius later this year. The project will explore these inner dialogues of searching for connection and meaning."