By Aili Watanabe

WATCH: Mind of a Genius Presents- Vol. 1 (Los Angeles) feat. Gallant, THEY., and Klangstof


MOAG, FADER, YouTube, and Motion Family Presents: Vol. 1 (Los Angeles)

A collaborative 6-minute visual and sonic experience highlighting music from Gallant, THEY., and Klangstof.
Featured in the short are "Bad Habits" from THEY., "Sleaze" by Klangstof and Gallant's "Bone and Tissue," as well as cameo appearances from each artist. The featured tracks were chosen based off of MOAG's soon-to-be-released compilation vinyl titled Vol. 1, which features tracks from each of the artists on the roster.
The vinyl will be launched exclusively at our pop-up, which will be hosted in Los Angeles on March 10. Stay tuned for more info!